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SBL Teacher Newsletter

October 2010

Harper Collins Dictionary Definition: disciple (Gk., “learner”), an apprentice or pupil attached to a teacher or movement; one whose allegiance is to the instruction and commitments of the teacher or movement. Most NT references to “disciple” designate “followers” of Jesus, often a large group including both his closest associates (the Twelve) and a larger number who followed with varying positive response (Luke 6:17). For disciples of other persons, see Luke 11:1 and John 1:35 (John the Baptist), Matt. 22:16 and Mark 2:18 (Pharisees), John 9:28 (Moses), and Acts 6:1–7 (Christians); cf. also Isa. 8:16 (Isaiah).

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Feature Essays

Did They Really Talk To God? Teaching The Prophets In The 21st Century
By Corrine Carvalho

Teaching the Prophets to high school students can be a challenge. Professor Carvalho walks readers through a few of the major hurdles with suggestions on how to get over them. Included are several helpful worksheets for the classroom, below.


Prophetic Forms

Discipleship in the New Testament
By Robert L. Foster

The term "disciple" is frequently used in the New Testament, but what does it mean? Robert Foster describes its Hellenistic origins and develops its particular meaning as applied to followers of Jesus.

Book Review

Introduction to the Historical Books: Strategies for Reading
by Stephen McKenzie

Reviewed by Cian Power


Active Learning

Is Reverend Billy a Prophet?
By Isaac Alderman

This activity challenges students to test criteria for prophetic identity against the actions and words of the contemporary activist "Reverend Billy" and his "Church of Stop Shopping."


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