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SBL Teacher Newsletter

May 2011

Note from the Editor
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About the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
The SBL was founded in 1880 and is an international academic membership organization for people who teach, study, or are interested in academic study of the Bible and its related contexts and literatures. The Society’s mission is to foster biblical scholarship and does not hold any denominational or confessional stance, though many of our members are religious leaders.

Feature Essay

Music in the Bible
By Theodore W. Burgh

Music plays an important part in our lives. It expresses what we celebrate, mourn, commemorate, or honor. Both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament contain detailed references to music, musicians, and specific musical instruments. Scholars such as Theodore Burgh find that studying music in the Bible helps us understand social roles and values in the ancient world.


Kingship in the Hebrew Bible
By Cian Power

Why does the Hebrew Bible have so many references to God as King? Cian power addresses this question in an essay that probes the background of Kingship in the ancient Near East, highlighting the important qualities of kingship as they are reflected in the pages of the Bible.


Classroom Activity

By Cian Power

God as King and Man as King
Kingship as a Form of Government


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